About us

TestLodge is the collaborative test case management tool for all QA teams

Our Story

Launched by our founder and CEO, Scott Sherwood, in 2013, TestLodge is a user-friendly, productive online test case management tool for managing your testing efforts in a simple, streamlined way. Through the years and many user-led improvements later, we are still guided by the belief that simpler is better.

But our flagship tool is not the only TestLodge asset. Our educational blog helps countless software testers get a foothold in the industry and develop their craft further. To ensure well/highly informed content, we select our writers from within the software testing industry.

To the thousands of software testing teams worldwide who choose TestLodge as their preferred testing tool, we thank you and continue our commitment to improving your testing experience.

The Values That Guide Us

What Drives Us

We built TestLodge for all QA teams, no matter where or how you work. The tool is easy to use by design, and it supports user collaboration. We include multi-tool integrations because tools work better when used together, and the accessible price bands reflect our mission to be helpful.

Better Testing for all

When planning new features, we always consider the suggestions and feedback submitted by current TestLodge users. Before any new functionality is added, we make sure that it will be helpful to the vast majority of testers. Going niche is not what we are about.

Support when you need it

Our whole team takes ownership of what we do, and this extends to our online support. You can depend on our knowledgeable people to respond to all support requests. Rest assured, you’ll get a useful first response, and you won’t be given the runaround.

Collective Wisdom

We value the real-life experience of software testers so when we create educational resources, they are written by our experienced software professionals. In the wider context, our industry benefits when we all pool our knowledge and continue to grow.

All for One

Mutual encouragement, respect, and excellence are pillars of our company culture. Splendidly, these values rose to the top organically without plan or instruction. It’s just how we do things here.

Quality at Every Stage

Baked into our company culture are transparency, responsiveness, and attention-to-detail. These foundational pillars guide us in delivering the high-quality service TestLodge users have come to expect.

Our Users

We are proud to host ​exceptional software testers in a wide range of industries, ​from startups t​hrough to enterprises. Everyone has a place in TestLodge.

Meaningful First Response

Senior team members respond to all online support requests. Our trained and experienced colleagues are ready to help from your very first ticket.

Initial response times for support requests in the past six months

  • 52%

    Responded to within
    1 hour

  • 22%

    Responded to within
    8 hours

  • 25%

    Responded to within
    24 hours

Lessening Our Climate Impact

Because we are committed to minimizing our digital carbon footprint, TestLodge contributes monthly to tree planting projects through our partner Ecologi. Based on the estimated work-day Co2 produced by staff and regular contractors, there are already hundreds of TestLodge trees planted around the world.

Besides our trees, TestLodge funding supports Ecologi’s wind, solar, and hydro clean energy programs, plus a range of international eco-enterprises. One is the REDD+ Project in Madre de Dios, Amazon, Peru, which promotes sustainable conservation and rainforest management. Their comprehensive social approach also involves quality education, promoting gender equality, and reducing poverty.

This broad endeavor answers thirteen of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, all of which TestLodge supports emphatically.

  • 766

    Trees funded

  • 48.12

    tCO2e avoided

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