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Interface simplicity and cloud based delivery

The simplicity of the interface and the cloud based delivery means that the whole team can access and maintain test cases both in the office and off-site. Testlodge also integrates with our issue management system so we get immediate feedback from test runs. Testlodge is a great tool for us as its ease of use and simplicity has meant that we've spent very little effort on set-up and maintenance and have been able to stay focussed on staying agile and delivering software.

Eric Jutrzenka - Actual Analytics

The user interface is elegantly designed

After not having much luck managing my own test cases internally, I decided to see if there were any simple online services that could take care of them for me. After a quick search I found TestLodge and realized it was exactly what I'd been looking for.

Its made a huge difference to my development practice and each build that gets released is now quickly run through a series of test suites. Its nice to have just enough information to perform the test, the expected result and a quick Pass, Skip or Fail to keep the test process moving along smoothly.

The user interface is elegantly designed and offers just enough features to include everything necessary without cluttering the screen. its very much a 'Basecamp' of the testing world and is perfect in that regard. Gets the job done without including too many extraneous features that don't need to be there.

If I was going to write a web app for managing test cases myself it would look exactly like TestLodge. I only wish this had been around sooner.

Andy Dunn - Infinite Touch

Available to my geographically distributed development team

I wanted a test case management tool without the hassles of provisioning an internal server, installing and configuring it, worrying about backups, etc.

Testlodge is more available to my geographically distributed development team. Since you don't have to worry about VPN and it runs in a browser, the net effect is that technical staff are more likely to write and maintain cases, link to them in communication, share them with contractors, and so on. When cases are readily available and higher quality, then you maximize the benefit of casing.

Ken Suzuki - Asset Management International

Used all around the world

Comments from twitter

Recently started using @TestLodge for writing and managing test cases. Loving it so far. Great alternative to the classic spreadsheet.

Jake Bartlett

TestLodge is working out really well for us as a test case/test run management tool. Highly recommended.


@TestLodge Hey this seems like a really cool and simple test case management tool. Gonna get my client to use this!

Todd Clarke

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