Backlog Test Management Tool

Our Backlog test management integration is a great setup for TestLodge. Both tools will help you to streamline testing and improve team communication

Backlog’s issue tracking system works perfectly with TestLodge test case management. Together, they can help you and your team to be more closely connected and allow issues to be updated automatically.

Improve your testing with TestLodge & Backlog

Enjoy closer communication with your team.

  • Automatically Create Issues

    When a test fails in TestLodge, an issue will be automatically created in Backlog.

  • Verify Tests based on a Status

    Return a Backlog status to TestLodge, then re-run all issues depending on their status.

  • Update Issues Directly

    When a fix is being verified in Backlog, TestLodge can add a comment to the existing issue, and update the status.

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Jonathan Lane

Quality Assurance, Harvest

It was really a no-brainer, TestLodge is making my life a heck of a lot easier already!

An easy to use Test Management Tool

Manage your test plans, test cases, and test runs with TestLodge, as you share the results and conversations with the whole team.

Responsive Interface

With an easy to navigate, clutter-free interface, you can access just the content you need to be able to get on with testing, without visual distractions.

Excellent for Teamwork

​Because it's cloud-based, TestLodge makes it ​so ​simple for geographically dispersed teams to work ​together ​successfully​ on software testing projects. Work anywhere and at any time.

Always Up to Speed

From idea to the finished product, instant access to all progress and problems is vital for on-time delivery. Graphs, dashboards, and reports help you to keep your finger on the buzzer.

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It’s so quick to connect Backlog with TestLodge

WWatch our short 2-minute video for everything you need to know about integrating Backlog.

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    Connect TestLodge & Backlog Enter your Backlog API key into TestLodge to set up the integration

  • 2

    Choose which project to push issues into Let TestLodge know the Backlog project that will receive issues raised from failed tests

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