FogBugz Test Case Management Tool

TestLodge test management integrates seamlessly with FogBugz, to give you a smooth test organization experience

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FogBugz bug and issue tracking system is a perfect fit with TestLodge test case management. Working together, both tools bring their best game to the table for better communication and the elimination of pointless task duplication.

Integrate TestLodge & FogBugz for Improved Testing

QA teams love the logic of automatic issue creation.

  • Automatic Issue Creation

    When a test fails, TestLodge automatically creates an issue in FogBugz

  • Create Runs According To Status

    Pull a FogBugz issue status back to TestLodge to create reruns based on a bug’s status

  • Issues are Updated Directly

    When a rerun test eventually passes, update and close the Fogbugz issue directly in TestLodge

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Kirsti Elliott

CEO, The Coral Edge

The system is easy to use; setting up test scripts and test runs are straightforward. Assigning test runs to users is intuitive and quick.

A highly valued Software Management Tool

TestLodge is straightforward to learn, and our easily accessible interface will have you ready to begin your testing schedule in next to no time.

Simplify Your Life

Our dashboards have a clean design and are also easy to understand. There’s no bloatware either, so you can get on with testing without distraction.

Tops for Teamwork

TestLodge is cloud based, which makes it super easy for collaborating with team members, whether they are on the next desk or a different continent.

Open All Hours

Time to trade in spreadsheets for intuitive activity feeds, graphs and dashboards, that keep the whole team up to speed 24/7.

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Integrating FogBugz and TestLodge is easy, and there are no plugins.
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Connecting FogBugz with TestLodge is Simple

Take a look at our 2-minute video that shows you what to do. It’s so easy.

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    Connect TestLodge & FogBugz Provide TestLodge with the details to access your FogBugz account

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    Select which project to push issues into TestLodge will send the failed tests to the right place in FogBugz

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