GitHub Test Case Management Tool

Integrate your test case management tool TestLodge with GitHub, so test cases, test runs and issues can be managed so much easier

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Integrate GitHub with our test case management tool for a seamless software testing experience. Instantly benefit from improved communication and increasing productivity due to less duplication of tasks, and automated issue reporting and updating.

Simplify Logging Bugs with TestLodge & GitHub

Integrate GitHub with TestLodge to boost your testing process

  • Create Issues Automatically

    Create issues in GitHub straight from TestLodge test runs and allocate them to GitHub users

  • Verify Tests According to Status

    Using the issue status helps you to re-run only the tests that need revisiting

  • Issues are Updated Directly

    When a re-run test passes or fails, automatically update your tests directly from TestLodge

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Jonathan Lane

Quality Assurance, Harvest

It was really a no-brainer, TestLodge is making my life a heck of a lot easier already!

How TestLodge can Help You Manage Your Test Cases

TestLodge is a test case management tool with a clean interface, making it easy to collaborate with your team and organize test documents. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and word docs. Improve your testing process with TestLodge.

Elegantly Simple

You'll enjoy using the clean, uncluttered interface within TestLodge. Less distraction equals better concentration and decision making.

Teams Love Us

Collaboration is a piece of cake, and with no user limits. It's great for teamwork, whether you're in the same office or in different time zones.

Instant Access

Activity feeds, graphs and reports keep everyone up to date at all times. Every project comes with its own informative dashboard.

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Connecting GitHub with TestLodge is Quick & Easy

Check out this 2-minute video that shows you what to do. It’s so easy

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    Connect TestLodge & GitHub Give TestLodge permission to access GitHub

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    2. Choose a repo to push issues into Tell TestLodge where failed tests need to be deposited in GitHub

That’s it, you’re all done and ready to go!

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