Pivotal Tracker Test Case Management Tool

Our test case management tool integrates with Pivotal Tracker helping your QA team manage tests and defects in a more efficient way

By integrating Pivotal Tracker with our test case management tool, you will benefit from greater productivity and improved communication across teams by allowing stories to be automatically created and updated, whenever a test case fails.

TestLodge & Pivotal Tracker work together to improve productivity

Allowing your QA team to focus on the actual testing and automate the defect reporting in Pivotal Tracker.

  • Automatically Create Stories

    Have details of your failed test cases automatically pushed over to Pivotal Tracker

  • Verify Tests Based on State

    Re-run tests based on the state of the associated story, which can be synced back into TestLodge

  • Update Existing Stories

    Choose to automatically update an existing story and change the state directly from TestLodge

Relied upon by 1000s of software testing teams

Jonathan Lane

Quality Assurance, Harvest

It was really a no-brainer, TestLodge is making my life a heck of a lot easier already!

A tool software testers can trust

Boosting productivity, our modern test management tool allows you to manage your test cases efficiently and easily track your testing efforts.

Modern Interface

TestLodge organizes both requirements and test cases in a logical way for improved productivity. When integrated with Pivotal Tracker the modern interface will allow you to get on with the job in hand and let TestLodge automate the rest.

Great for Teams

TestLodge is a cloud-based tool which is accessible globally meaning its perfect for teams who work in the same office or remotely. With no restriction on user limits, your entire team can easily collaborate with on their testing efforts.

Actionable Reporting

By making use of the activity feeds, personalized dashboards and many reports, you will be able to easily keep up to date with your teams testing progress along with the ability to quickly see trends with your testing efforts.

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    Enter your Pivotal Tracker API key Provide permission for TestLodge to access your Pivotal Tracker projects

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    Choose a project to push stories to TestLodge will push failed tests to the Pivotal Tracker project you select

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