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Our YouTrack test management integration works perfectly with TestLodge to give you a testing experience with greater efficiency

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Our YouTrack test case management integration can enhance communication and productivity. TestLodge and YouTrack together improve your testing efforts by creating and updating an issue automatically when a test fails.

Save Time on Testing with TestLodge & YouTrack

Automatic Issue creation saves time.

  • Issues Created Automatically

    When a test fails in TestLodge, an issue will be automatically created in YouTrack test management.

  • Re-runs Based on the Status

    Creating a test re-run based on a YouTrack issue state, allows you to verified all resolved issues easily.

  • Directly Update Issues

    From TestLodge, automatically add a comment, and update the state of an existing issue.

Relied upon by 1000s of software testers

Jonathan Lane

Quality Assurance, Harvest

It was really a no-brainer, TestLodge is making my life a heck of a lot easier already!

A User-Friendly Test Management Tool

TestLodge is easy to learn, so you can quickly get on with managing your test plans, test cases, and test runs, then sharing the results in real-time with all your team.

Reactive Layout

Our clean-design interface is super easy to navigate, and with no annoying clutter to distract, you can get on with testing in peace.

A Dream for Teamwork

Team collaboration is easy with TestLodge because it's cloud-based. Working from home, or from different continents, you are still a team.

Instant Updates

Uncluttered graphs, reports, and dashboards show the state and results of your tests, plus colleagues’ progress.

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Connecting YouTrack with TestLodge is straightforward

Our 2-minute video will speedily show you how to set up and get started

  • 1

    Enter your YouTrack API token Connect both tools by entering your YouTrack API token into TestLodge

  • 2

    Select the project to push issues into Show TestLodge which YouTrack test management project to push issues to that are raised when a test fails

It’s that swift to get ready for testing!

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